Today’s market is extremely competitive, but Color 3 has a client-friendly pricing structure that is easy to follow. One price usually covers the whole job, and we’re not going to hit you with a laundry list of additional charges upon completion.


Additional services we do not charge for:

– Using solvy on a garment to enhance the embroidery on certain fabrics

– Verifying garments when they arrive in our facility. You will be notified by email when they arrive including size, color, and quantity breakdown

– Different thread combinations on a custom order

– Thread matching of Tone-on-Tone requests or match garment requests

– Non-traditional placement of embroidery – cuff, sleeve, back yoke, hat backs, etc.

– Virtual proofs for verification of logo and color sequence for you and your client

– Verifying garments when they ship out of our facility. You will be notified by email when they ship, including size, color, quantity breakdown; as well as tracking number.

– Copy of your digitized file, for your records

– Program pricing when volume and consistent items warrant the structure

– Oustanding customer service from our team to yours.

Services we charge a bit extra for:

– Hand Fold and Poly Bag

– PMS Matches for screen print ink

– Personalization

– Digitizing and Tape Edits

– Over-size Bags (over 18″)

– Add’l sew outs of Customer .dst file

– Using special “Embroidery Pockets”

– Shipping to multiple locations

When we have confirmed that you are a manufacturer or reseller, we will send you an email containing our detailed confidential price list.

Payment terms available:
Net 30 terms with credit references | Visa, MC, Discover, and American Express | Company checks